Friday, January 20, 2012

Arisia 2012 - Dragon books, eyes and costumes


   I finished a new copy of my Dragon Names book this year
to present at Arisia 2012 in Boston last weekend:
Newly dubbed the "Great Book of Dragon Names" this new
edition contains 410 and counting names....for all you dragons
out there looking to name your young'un or for other wanderers
wishing to make sure their favorite dragon is honored in such
a book. (Actually...thanks to folks at Arisia...there will be
more names added before ACC Baltimore in February. I'm
still looking for more that begin with J, Q, and X.

Of course, dragon books, as I learned needn't be just for
reading.  They also make nice hair accessories as this
young customer let me know! 

 Arisia is always fun to participate in since its a delightful
10 min. from my home, an easy set-up, and is a voyage to
quite a different world than my usual fine craft show....I
always learn something new.  This year it was about the
world of theatrical and custom contact lenses.  Michelle
from was set up next to me.

Check out Michelle's eyes! She's wearing a cat and a
blue star. I thought about getting a pair to wear at shows-
perhaps a banshee or black wolf set? But decided they
might distract my usual customers.

It's always fun people watching at this type of event. 
these are some of the folks who passed by my booth:

I thought this guy's steam punk stilts were very cool:

You pick up intriguing technical tidbits at conventions like
this too. I learned about el wire from this couple.  The oval
piece in the center is lit up! 
Who knows what my booth may hold next?
I picked up some spikey metal dice from
Andrew from
which I hope to incorporate into a new
creature...stay tuned!  

Adventure on! Wendy

Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Night Parade HYCC "Heroes"

Happy New Year to all!!  May 2012 be filled with adventure and
fun mixed with moments of delightful peace and quiet for us all!!

As usual this year, we ended the year with noise and glitter by
marching in Boston's First Night Parade along with the
Hawthorne Youth and  Community Center group.  HYCC's
"theme" for our presentation this  year was "heroes".  Local
artist, Lisa Lee, and I co-facilitated the project working  with
after school kids and other member  of the community on
Saturdays this Fall. Lisa and I enjoy working together  and
love seeing  a project evolve as we brainstorm and kids and
community take it and add their ideas. 

We discussed "heroes" and what "traits" make a hero and
left choices  wide open.  Each child or adult chose their
"hero", printed out a name/s, printed  out a "trait" on shade
cloth strips to be added to our large banner, and 17
individual "puppet" heroes were created.
Choice of heroes was varied - Many children honored
family members.
 Others chose inspiring  individuals in the community and world
(including Michelle and Barack Obama, Kip Tiernan (founder
of Boston's Rosie's place), etc. One youth chose himself, another
God, others musical idols.  Here is the side of the banner with
all the names. It's quite a list!
Choice of traits varied as well.  From Determined:
 To "Good Dad:" (one youth's choice for Pres. Obama), to feisty
(Kip),  helpful, awesome, inspiring, nicest, bravery, respect, real,
nicest. "Saved me", powerful, caring, loving...
First Night projects always include color and glitter. Lisa
is adding an extra bit of glitz to the HYCC banner here:

This is the trait side of the banner being carried in the parade. 

 Last year Lisa and I decided we had to have lights this
year. So blinking star lights lit  up the top of the banner..

The individual hero puppets were made of gallon
milk jugs on a dowel with arms of foam pipe insullation.

 with added shirts , scarves, hands and beads:
Michelle Obama had special glittery fingernails!

Just before the parade, the hero puppets waited
patiently for their creators to pick them up to march. 

Each individual puppet had a 3 LED tap light inside the the faces could be seen during the parade:
Here are a few in the parade:
"My Mom"
Niki Manaj:
Kip Tiernan and Louis Armstrong:
Pres. Obama walked with some Vetran friends:
I brought along Bill T. Jones:
We had donated New Orleans beads to pass out
along the route. Everyone started walking very bedecked!

Over 50 people walked with HYCC  this year (including one of
our daughters, her husband and two children.  Our grandson
had a great time choosing whom he thought needed beads!)
And because it was in the balmy mid-40's the crowds were
bigger than ever to share in the First Night Festivities. Right
after the parade, a  fireworks display is set off in the
Boston Commons....a great end to a family event!

Again Happy New Year to everyone!.. onward to 2012!!!

Adventure on!  Wendy