Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More images from 2011 ACC Baltimore - Dale Rogers

More images from ACC Baltimore..

Just when I begin to think I' m working in a large format,
I'm assigned to be in a booth across from someone like
Dale Rogers!...Puts me in perspective really fast!..
Dale's cor-ten steel and aluminum sculptures are
definitely LARGE scale...the sculpture of the children
which Dale set up in the aisle between booths is a mock
up of a much larger piece installed in a public play area.
I loved seeing kids playing around it (including
Dale's children) and viewing my dragons through it.

Check out Dale's website to see his sculptures
installed outdoors and see photos of him working
in his studio:
He shares personal reflections on his blog:
I met Dale through the Paradise City Arts Festival
shows. It's been fun watching this young sculptor's
career take off.

Off to finish taxes now...more images and reflections
from ACC and NYC show soon.

Journey on! Wendy

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Images from ACC Baltimore - Michael Schunke, Deborah Rogers and Kirsten Stingle

My dragons in Baltimore had lots of good views. Wudaineon loved
being across from Michael Schunke and his amazing glass. Michael's work is beautiful and his
booth a joy to be near.

As usual (and what I always hope for), I met some artists
whom I had not known before. One such artist is Deborah
Rogers. She was in the "altcraft" section of the show . When
she arrived they had not set up a place for her. Fortuantely
she had brought along this small stage set-up, perfect for her work!

New to Baltimore, but hardly a new artist, she has
shown across the country (including at the Smithsonian
show). She used to be a painter and her approach to her
"narrative sculpture" made from various self-hardening
clays and found objects reflect her amazing decorative ability.
She uses colored pencils to get much of her detail!

Deborah's uses facebook to actively publicize
her work Check out her page under:
Deborah G. Rogers

Another new (to me) artist I found at the
show with a strong sense of storytelling in her work is
Kirsten Stingle:

Kirsten has a fine arts degree in theater. Not hard to
guess that when you are in the presence of her dramatic
intriguing work full of gesture and emotion!

Check out Kirsten's website for the full scoop. You
will see she's going to very busy with shows and
exhibits this spring and summer!

I'm busy getting ready for my next show: April 1-3, but will try
to share more Baltimore and Atlanta images soon.

Journey on! Wendy

Sunday, March 6, 2011

On to Atlanta! ACC Show March 11-13

The Atlanta American Craft Council Show is next weekend,
March 11-13 at the Cobb Galleria. Info at:
Krystuli pictured above will be prancing there in my booth #1206
along with other relatives, friends, eye journals and
more. We'll keep the conversation going about how one "sees"
the world. Krystuli will be watching:

As will "Tadaah!" - who usually prefers this way of
viewing the public, but occasionally stands on his/her
feet proclaiming "Tadaah":

Tadaah was inspired by a young friend who asked if I had
ever made a figure standing on its head. He followed up
with the question, "And then where would you put
the eye?"

Wudaineon, the leather dragon, posed for a photo
shoot at Baltimore. Here is the image of this gentle close to
five foot long creature looking for a new home taken by
Bob Barrett

Wudaineon almost found a new home in Baltimore, but thinks
Atlanta would be a good homestead as well!

Today I'm putting final touches on a new "Dragon Names"
book. The number of names in the dragon shaped book is up
to close to 400 now thanks to a few additions from my
grandchildren. It's great having like minded family members!

If you're in the Atlanta area, please come on over to the
show...bring a few dragon names with you!

I will share images from ACC Baltimore and ACC Atlanta
when I return home to the studio.

Journey on. Wendy