Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More images from 2011 ACC Baltimore - Dale Rogers

More images from ACC Baltimore..

Just when I begin to think I' m working in a large format,
I'm assigned to be in a booth across from someone like
Dale Rogers!...Puts me in perspective really fast!..
Dale's cor-ten steel and aluminum sculptures are
definitely LARGE scale...the sculpture of the children
which Dale set up in the aisle between booths is a mock
up of a much larger piece installed in a public play area.
I loved seeing kids playing around it (including
Dale's children) and viewing my dragons through it.

Check out Dale's website to see his sculptures
installed outdoors and see photos of him working
in his studio:
He shares personal reflections on his blog:
I met Dale through the Paradise City Arts Festival
shows. It's been fun watching this young sculptor's
career take off.

Off to finish taxes now...more images and reflections
from ACC and NYC show soon.

Journey on! Wendy

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  1. Dale's sculptures are large and lovely. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on getting your taxes done so early! Me, too. Not a pretty picture that.