Friday, April 22, 2011

Taking Myth and Story to New Orleans!

New Orleans here we come! I'll be participating in the Contemporary
Craft show at Jazz Fest in New Orleans, April 29-May 1: Tent F.
For the occasion, I created Racontee, the storyteller:

Racontee travels with a variety of masks (one
of wet-formed leather, the others ceramic), two books
including a mini leather dragon book and special story
shards in the teller's leather trunk.

To intrigue folks to search me out, I'm advertising in the
program book. Here's my ad:

There is no electricity in the tents in New Orleans, which can
present challenges since my backdrops are usually black.
To help light bounce, I've purchased some glitzy material to
drape over my usual black. The black leather eye journals,
card holders and mythic figures which I am bringing along
really pop when laid on satiny bronze color material!
I'll post images from what should be a very different looking
booth, when I return.

Hope anyone near New Orleans will come on over..
fantastic music, great food, an art experience not to
be missed and an important community to continue to

When back home, I'll share more images from earlier shows
as well as report in from Jazz Fest. Since I sold out of my
"eye" journals and card holders in NYC, I've been bustling
since back in my studio. Sorry posts have been delayed! I'll
try to make up for that in May!

Journey on. Wendy

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  1. just awesome! what a great & fun adventure this will be...most likely bringing back some new stories for the tellers!