Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baltimore American Craft Council Show Feb. 22-27

All eyes are on ACC Baltimore!! As usual, I'll be there!
Thank goodness no big snow storms seem to be brewing.
It is always an unbelievably spectacular show, so I
encourage any and all to come. 700 exhibitors for retail!
Really quite an amazing treat for eyes and soul. Please
come by my booth # 1909! For complete show info go to:

Speaking of eyes....I'll be bringing along a new series
of Journals following up on my investigation of
Eyes as windows to the soul. Here are a couple images:

I'm having fun playing with different varieties of
eyes from glass moutain goat, African lion, red fox,
pheasant and more. I'll have both 6x8 and 4x6 replaceable
journals in these and other styles. Even some new card
holders with eyes! I'll also have some of my figures
with eyes in less than ordinary locations inspired by
my trip to Uruguay.

New creatures also arrive before Baltimore. Here is
a new one in process, tenatively named
Krystuli. Leather and beading will be added
before the show, maybe even a face on the sides!

Come see completed Krystuli at ACC Baltimore and
help me figure out Krystuli's story!

Wudaineon the dragon is looking forward to
seeing Baltimore for the first time as is her
dragon friend, Snarval!

Safe travels everyone!!!

Journey on! Wendy

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Part 2 - Reflections on Florida symposium on Art and Faith

More poetic reflections on www.lovefest2011.org .
Part one was about my listening to the stories embedded
in nature in Winter Park...now on to the symposium.
Mretrac, my phoenix greeted participants at the entrance
as did some of my other work and paintings by Diane McPhail.
Sonja Weber Gilkey's rope sculptures were displayed
inside the main room.

"I am amidst
Elders seeking, learning, relearning
Men and women together listening, questioning

Communing, gathering strength
To move forward, make a difference
Learning to articulate thoughts
Sharing experience and scholarly understanding

Young people searching
Wanting to believe in the sacred
In something more, something good
Something that will offer community
Help make sense of the world

Looking to find their way
Among the many paths

Swirling currents of sounds and words
Drift up through and around the room
Dance in and out of rope sculptures

Over and through paintings

Brush by phoenix wings and dragon spokes

Encircle a community of spirit.

I absorb the stories."

Journey on!.....Wendy

Friday, February 11, 2011

Florida trip inspires poem- part 1

My trip to Winter Park, Florida, for the symposium
www.lovefest2011.org last weekend landed me in a
landscape and gathering full of story...
A poem emerged...here is part 1:

"I awake to call and response of birds
Echoing through moist air.
Early sunlight reflects off
Back of alligator gliding by
Circling lake in ancient morning ritual.
Tree branches rustle with movement
As romping squirrel defies gravity.

I walk to witness
Cedar nubs emerging through sandy soil
Creating eerie villages.

A cormorant swims with comical dip and glide
Sits on dock railing drying wings
Happy to pose for photos.

Ospreys circle above, see prey
Dive with death defying speed
Plunge into depths, rise again.

Large creased smooth nuts lie in thick grass
Waiting to be picked up, or eaten.

Soft, energetic Spanish moss twists, twines
Attaches to itself and to offering branches
Transforming lakeside into magical landscape.

Autos add rhythmic click, click, click
As wheels stroke the brick street.
Plane overhead shakes scene
Reminding of balance of worlds.

I listen for the stories..."

Next week's post - more about symposium, my
presentation and the rest of the poem.

Journey on! Wendy