Saturday, November 17, 2012

Variety and inspiration at American Craft Show New York -Aynne Applebaum, Frederick Prescott, George Nock, Laura Goddard, Avner Sher

As I said in my last blog post,I had a booth at  The American Craft
Show NYC  held at the Javits Center on Oct. 19-21.  Since Sandy
devastated so much of NYC and NJ only a few days later, it was
sobering to think of all the locations and tunnels I had travelled in
and through that were under water only a few days later.

But New Yorkers as artists are a resilient bunch, so I didn't want
to miss sharing some of the work at the three shows in one at the
Javits. As was true for the last two years, there was wonderful variety
- whimsy, elegance, fun and inspiration.  

In the whimsy as well as amazing category was the work of  Florida
artist  Ayenne Applebaum -the bird sculpture pictured above and
rooster below. She brings a painte,rs eye to her well as
a wicked sense of whimsy and incredible skill to her clay sculpting.
There wasn't a child (or adult) who didn't enjoy the large kinetic

In the inspiring and elegant category was the work by George Nock.
I especially enjoyed this bronze sculpture entitle "Win, Place or Show".
Be sure to check out George's website to see the amazing range
and superb quality  of his work..and read his will
help you understand why he is able to capture movement and motion.
It may challenge your perception of  professional athletes.

Laurie Goddard was also exhibiting. I've enjoyed seeing the way Laurie
has pushed forward with her fine art in recent years. Beautiful and strong.

And finally- an artist new to NYC - or at least this was the first time
Avner Sher has brought this body of work to NY from his home in
Israel.   He works with large flat pieces of cork, which he burns and
scratches intricate images into.  He describes his work "as an
expression of hope in the face of chaos". Check out his website to
learn what inspired this intriguing  new direction for his work.   

Next year this show will be one week later - good thing it wasn't this
year.  It is an extraordinary event that we hope we can continue to
build and entice larger and larger crowds to attend.

 For now, I'm working on inventory for Craft Boston Holiday,
to be held on Dec.7-9. A new large rearing dragon will be there.
Please drop by if you are in the Boston area.

Adventure on!   Wendy