Thursday, April 29, 2010

Artists Blog Directory spans the world

Soon I'll be posting about some wandering and wondering in
South America, mostly in Uruguay with a weekend in Buenos
Aires. Who knows what will show up in the studio as a result
of new sights,sounds,acquaintances, objects and adventures.
My stump critters emerged after trips to Ecuador - Cuenca,
Quito, Otavalo, Tigua, the coast visiting family and friends.
(One of our son-in-laws is from Cuenca.)I will definitely
share images and thoughts on my return.

But for now, if you're feeling adventurous -how about
a bit of wandering world wide via a new blog I've just joined:

Kim Barker, a visual artist who lives with her family in the
Eastern Central Coast of Australia has gathered this directory
of blogging artists from around the world. What the internet
makes easily possible still amazes me! It's fun to meander
through this site and see who is out there, and writing about it!
If you blog about your art...let Kim know!
Kim also manages and her own
personal blog:

That's a little more writing and managing than I would care
to do...but onward Kim!!!..I hope everyone is planning some
adventures this summer! Journey on! Wendy

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bruce Chapin - Philospher in wood

In these economic times, it is more important than ever to support
each other as artists and to make sure the world knows about the
extraordinary artists out there working. As I've done in the past,
I'll perodically lift up some of my favorites.
Wood sculptor,Bruce Chapin ( )
is definitely in that category.I've known Bruce for a number of
years and am constantly amazed by the creativity, energy and
spirit which goes into his work. His work stirs up unpredictable
thoughts in the mind of the viewer..just like all good art
should! No answers...lots of questions. He also was at Craft
Boston this year.

Here with his permission are a few images of Bruce's work.

"The keeper" (Of course I like it - it has wings!)
It is a cabinet with a figurative basednarrative inside.


The Philosopher's journey...go to his website and see a video
of everything that happens with this Large piece!

"Rennyday Tart"

Intrigued and want to see more...go on over to his website.
It is definitely worth wandering around.
or better yet visit him at one of the shows where he exhibits
- like this coming weekend at the Smithsonian Craft Show!
April 22-25 in D.C. Anyone near by..go on over and say hi to Bruce!
Journey on!....Wendy

Felting and Glass at Craft Boston

This past weekend was the Craft Boston show put on by the Society
of Arts and Crafts here in Boston. Usually SAC invites one or two
artists from outside the United States. But this year there was the
largest contingent ever - 16 artists from Israel - exhibiting in fiber,
leather ceramics all grouped in one aisle. Since I've done some
nuno felting (thanks to the mentoring of awesome New Hampshire
artist Miriam Carter) I was drawn to the work by Claudia Manokian.
Check out her images on the Craft Boston website:

Another artist whose work I was drawn to in amazement was
Alexander Fekete. He creates pieces of blown and carved glass
sometimes combining fused steel into the sculptures.
Here are the images on the Craft Boston site:

Alex starts his artist statement this way:
"Translucent, fragile, fluid yet hard, free blown Glass and its
magical depths became my creative friends and explorer over a
decade ago. Over this time span, transparency, translucency,
bottomless variety of form and unyielding nature of Glass gained
my affection permanently. Maybe that’s why I allow Glass to
retain its “creative license” to complete my ideas – anywhere
between its extremely hot and super-cooled liquid stages.
I am fascinated by Glass’ ability to take in and contain light
resulting in reversed plasticity."
(I have to work more on MY artist statement!!!)
Alex was born and raised in Czechoslovakia, coming to the U.S.
in 1992. He teaches at the University of Illinois,
He is represented by Prism Contemporary. Check out some
of his inventory available via their site and
you'll understand why I was blown away!

Dream on everyone! Wendy

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Flight and Extreme Action Heroes

Flying and flying creatures have always been integral to my
work. I've always flown a lot in my dream...but dreams don't
completely satisfy. I really have wanted to fly when awake, and
not just in planes. Recently, IAF president,Ellen Kushner,
forwarded info about an event connected with a movement
company started by Elizabeth Streb. Their website is:
I'm fascinated. Wonder if I would have had the nerve to
try this out during my modern and jazz dancing years in
college and in my 20's and 30's??
I definitely suggest you check out their YOUtube videos
Here's the link to one video. My favorite images are
toward the end of the video.
Word of caution - you might not want your young risk taking
children/grandchildren to view it without supervision!

Elizabeth has just written a new book:"How to Become an
Extreme Action Hero" and will launch it an a "lively and
unconventional presentation" on April 21, 6;30 PM in NYC.
CUNY Graduate Center, Proshansky Auditorium
365 Fifth Ave.(at 34th Street.)

To quote the PR:

"Elizabeth Streb has been testing the potential of the human
body since childhood. Can she fly? Can she run up walls? Can
she breakthrough glass? How fast can she go? In her new book
Streb: How to Become an Extreme Action Hero, she conveys how
she developed a form of movement that's more NASCAR than
modern dance, more boxing than ballet."

Sure wish I could be there. Next time I'm in Brooklyn, I may
try to drop by their rehearsal space which is open to the public.
Website says;

"You are welcome to come and watch classes and rehearsals. We
rehearse Tuesday through Friday from 11:30-3:30pm. Location:
51 North 1st. Street,Brooklyn, NY 11211

Come in and watch the process as it unfolds and if you have a
great idea let us know. STREB believes that the cross section
of activity in our space feeds the creativity. Bring lunch and
use our WiFi!"

Please - if anyone gets there...let me know!! The world is
certainly filled with amazing individuals who enjoy
pushing the envelope!! Onward! Wendy