Monday, April 12, 2010

Felting and Glass at Craft Boston

This past weekend was the Craft Boston show put on by the Society
of Arts and Crafts here in Boston. Usually SAC invites one or two
artists from outside the United States. But this year there was the
largest contingent ever - 16 artists from Israel - exhibiting in fiber,
leather ceramics all grouped in one aisle. Since I've done some
nuno felting (thanks to the mentoring of awesome New Hampshire
artist Miriam Carter) I was drawn to the work by Claudia Manokian.
Check out her images on the Craft Boston website:

Another artist whose work I was drawn to in amazement was
Alexander Fekete. He creates pieces of blown and carved glass
sometimes combining fused steel into the sculptures.
Here are the images on the Craft Boston site:

Alex starts his artist statement this way:
"Translucent, fragile, fluid yet hard, free blown Glass and its
magical depths became my creative friends and explorer over a
decade ago. Over this time span, transparency, translucency,
bottomless variety of form and unyielding nature of Glass gained
my affection permanently. Maybe that’s why I allow Glass to
retain its “creative license” to complete my ideas – anywhere
between its extremely hot and super-cooled liquid stages.
I am fascinated by Glass’ ability to take in and contain light
resulting in reversed plasticity."
(I have to work more on MY artist statement!!!)
Alex was born and raised in Czechoslovakia, coming to the U.S.
in 1992. He teaches at the University of Illinois,
He is represented by Prism Contemporary. Check out some
of his inventory available via their site and
you'll understand why I was blown away!

Dream on everyone! Wendy

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