Monday, April 12, 2010

Bruce Chapin - Philospher in wood

In these economic times, it is more important than ever to support
each other as artists and to make sure the world knows about the
extraordinary artists out there working. As I've done in the past,
I'll perodically lift up some of my favorites.
Wood sculptor,Bruce Chapin ( )
is definitely in that category.I've known Bruce for a number of
years and am constantly amazed by the creativity, energy and
spirit which goes into his work. His work stirs up unpredictable
thoughts in the mind of the viewer..just like all good art
should! No answers...lots of questions. He also was at Craft
Boston this year.

Here with his permission are a few images of Bruce's work.

"The keeper" (Of course I like it - it has wings!)
It is a cabinet with a figurative basednarrative inside.


The Philosopher's journey...go to his website and see a video
of everything that happens with this Large piece!

"Rennyday Tart"

Intrigued and want to see more...go on over to his website.
It is definitely worth wandering around.
or better yet visit him at one of the shows where he exhibits
- like this coming weekend at the Smithsonian Craft Show!
April 22-25 in D.C. Anyone near by..go on over and say hi to Bruce!
Journey on!....Wendy

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