Friday, September 19, 2014

Stories in the Bruce Peninsula

My website opens with the phrase "Life is all about Stories"  After our
recent end of summer trip to  Ontario, Canada I was reminded
 "so are places". 

We drove up to Ontario to visit my sister and brother-in-law in their
cottage in the woods (see above at sunrise) on the Bruce Peninsula.
Their children are the third generation to enjoy the cottage my brother
in-law helped build when he was young. Family photos  of good times 
past and present cover the walls.  The paneling in the kitchen is from
the wood of a tree lost in a storm, then milled is the
table the family eats on in the sun porch. An anchor pulled up from a
shipwreck sits by a tree with a inviting swing ...The anchor head
looks every bit like  a creature patiently waiting to tell its story. 
The wood of the old dock lays near the new, holding its stories....Some of the
aged, waterlogged wood  came back to Boston, to become a skiff for one of 
my traveling librarians: 
We went to the Keady farmer's market and livestock auction where
young Mennonite farmers looked over the cattle and my husband
talked of his days growing up on a farm in Oregon.

We walked through woods whose roots reached out with tales, undoubtedly

disturbing some of Ari Berk's earthfasting giants.. (If you need  
further info on earthfasting or details re the life cycle of giants, check 
Ari's 2008 "Codex Giganticum".  Every home library should have this
"Secret History of Giants" for reference when heading into ancient realms.)

I explored a cave on the Georgian Bay. My sister was eager for me to 
see it, confident it was one of  the sites  in my story "Sophia's Quest"
she was helping edit.  I agreed. I wondered if  tales told  in  First Nation
reserves on the peninsula  spoke of this opening to the sea. 

As the others patiently waited above, I climbed down into a grotto 
which  held  many, many stories...trying to absorb at least a few:

If I had not had our good camera, I definitely would have dived
in. The depths were calling.

The next day, a magical forest lured us forward 
to Grieg's caves...where again the family was tolerant while I 
climbed in and around dark recesses with a flashlight and
cell phone so I could capture a few photo memories.

We  explored a big open cave with intriguing
abstract designs on the walls. A large bird flew
out, unhappy at being disturbed.

Now back home  - I am savoring sites, sensations and precious
time with family...holding sunrise images and flying on.

My series of traveling librarians are coming along nicely getting ready 
to be displayed at the Paradise City Arts Festival in Northampton
on Columbus Day weekend...process photos - very soon.

Adventure on!  Wendy