Monday, September 17, 2012

Movement, Motion and Meaning in Boston Area Exhibits

 So if I need a wheelchair someday, I'll have David Lang design one like
this for me. Title: Deadelus on the other Hand.  It's part of his and
 Virginia Fitzgerald's exhibit  "Upon Further consideration: What tells a
Story" at the Carney gallery of Regis College  now until October 27. I've
been aware of both of their work for some time, but this was the first
time I had the fun of seeing so much gathered together and playing of
each other...which they do beautifully.....

As the show title indicates, this is a show filled with story and meaning.
Here's David with his piece: "If shoes could talk":
And talk they do thanks to speakers in the piece.   Most of David's other
pieces tell their stories through motion..activated as you approach the
pieces.Such as this piece, titled: "When the Castinetti Sisters First
Learned to Fly" :

 The materials Virginia makes her pieces from tell a good part of their
 stories, enhanced by form.  Below: "Dress of Etiquette" - made from a
shredded copy of Emily Post which Virginia said she received as a
wedding present and thoroughly enjoying tearing up.
The piece below called "Treacherous"  is made of wooden skewers,
wire, masking tape and broken mirrors. -Made from  "the feeling you
are overwhelmed with  responsibilities and are just keeping things
together - a dangerous game":

I recommend trying to get out to experience the exhibit as well as
checking out David and Virginia's website and their  blogs to learn
about them and their journeys.   You can see the movement of David's
pieces on his website, but in person is always better..  Both artisst keep
very busy with exhibits around the area.  There is a collaborative
installation called Birds of Poetry by Virginia flying in the atrium of
the Attleboro public library.

   Finally, I want to lift up one other exhibit - the Os Gemeos exhibit at
Boston's  Institute of Contemporary Art.  I went a few weeks past and
the images from the work are definitely still present for me...awake and
in my dreams.   The exhibit is there until Nov. 25th.  I could go on and
on about the work of the Brazilian urban artists, Otavio and Gustavo
Pandolfo, but will leave you just with this one image and story it
brings forth. Title of this piece is: " No Fundo de Mar E Respirar Mas
Facil" (In the Depth of the Ocean, it's Easier to Breathe")
and encourage you to see the exhibit if you possibly can.

Now back to my studio to work on sculptures for Roxbury 
Open Studios Oct. 6-7 and for the Oct. 19-21 American Craft
Show NYC. 

Adventure on!   Wendy