Thursday, August 6, 2015

Inspiration from other artists and varying venues

Is it just my imagination, or does time move faster as we age?
Here we are already in August, although after the almost golf 
ball hail ice storm day before yesterday,  I wonder what season
this is.  I've been  busy leading workshops and updating my
website,but didn't want to ignore sharing some images from 
Spring shows as promised in my last blog. So in another attempt
to catch up - Here's a quick summary of artists and their work and
settings that inspired me April to June.

In  April I participated in the new Art of American Craft in 
Hartford,  CT  linked to the Hartford Wadsworth Museum. I hadn't 
been in a CT show in a while, so why not see what can happen.
Attendance was low, but sales reasonable for me and lots of customers
asking us to hang in  there since Hartford needs a high quality fine craft
show.  It was worth  it for me to meet Gerard Ferrari and see his series 
of orphaned teapots and other work.  Definitely cool, edgy, and inspiring. 

I was pleased to see that Gerard will be in Northampton at the 
Paradise City shows in October.  I look forward to reconnecting 
with  him there. Come on out Columbus Day weekend to see for 
yourself! He's being chosen as a featured artist. 

Speaking of Paradise City Shows -  I returned to Northampton for 
their May Memorial Day show.  I was curious to see if May brought
a different customer base from October.  Although there is overlap,
I connected with folks I hadn't seen in a long time and new customers
as well.  Sold lots of small work which was a wake up call for the
volume of inventory I will need for the December  One of
a Kind Show in Chicago that I have decided to do.  OAAK/ Chicago
gets 40,000+ folks in attendance!!!

In Northampton, I was drawn in by the smooth, restful lines of
David Talley's furniture His business name: Dharma Design 
Furniture shows his orientation. 

Although Chris Williams sculpture  -  avian rather than dragon 
this year, is always a draw for me.  (This eagle flew off to a client by
the end of the show.) 
And I returned home with a new creature - thanks to Dale Rogers.
I've loved watching Dale grow and evolve into the amazing sculptor
he is.  It's fun to have a mini Rogers creature in our garden. 
In June - a new venue for three of my winged sculptures. I participated
in the"Inspired Art" show at Boston Symphony Hall - a collaboration of
Discover Roxbury with the Boston Pops Gospel night performance
including the legendary Blind Boys of Alabama.  Three of my winged 
sculptures were included. 

(The dressed up young lady in the photo is the daughter of one of
 the other artist and one of the children who attended the after
school program where I worked this year. Multi-generational 
cultural events are wonderful!) 

Speaking of multi-generational - my next post will be about the
workshops I helped lead in July for Families Creating Together.

Have a great summer everyone....Adventure on!     Wendy