Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another new creature in search of a name..

Hurricane Irene changed my plans for a trip to NYC last week.
It seemed wiser to stay at home where new creatures were
asking to be completed. winds and rain whipped around,
this creature came to life. Seemed appropriate to be working on
a water avian of sorts. I'm thinking it must possess a little bit
of magic since amazingly our electric power never went off.
Considering the number of trees next to power lines in our
neighborhood, this is remarkable. A few major limbs snapped
in our trees:

But a few branches pales to the damage in so many places
all over New England...and this for a storm "not as bad
as expected."

Back to the new avian...Here is the beginning work on
his head (with myself reflected in the window...).
Spokes are sea urchin spines from a necklace which
used to belong to my mom. Beak is an antler tip:

I used rawhide for the wings - wet formed and painted:

and beaded the legs, of course:

He/she was finished yesterday. Here he/she is posing in
the sun for a few snapshots!

No name yet. I had such fun hearing the names suggested
on facebook for my previous creature...I'll try that again...
also open to hearing suggestions here!

Now off to finish another figure before heading to
the photographer in NYC next Friday. Hope to get
some good new photos.

Adventure on! Wendy

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Creatures march forward...

Back from VA where I spent a wonderful 10 days with
grandkids...did a little stitching of eye journals there, but
creatures had to stay home and wait.....They were patient.

Muslin is on most of the new armatures:

It's fun to see the form change as bulk and
wrapping is added. You might remember this
guy from my previous blog:

Here it is with complete body shape in place:

I played with some new head and tail decoration :

Added leather and textile (a piece from an old Japanese Obi) , beads and
paint and a creature emerged! Name? He/she hasn't told me yet.
Anyone have any ideas?

Next Monday I have an appointment to work with a new
photographer in NYC. Am taking the guy above and a
few others to "play" with. I'll share what we come up
with....and demonstrate the difference between casual
and professional photography!

One last note: Thanks to Toby Froud's facebook page,
I heard about his mom's beautiful blog:
and from it about the show Wendy, Brian, and Toby will
be having at the Animazing gallery in NY, opening
this December:
I met them all several years back at Mythic Journeys in Atlanta,
have been wanting to reconnect. Definitely plan on trying to be
at the opening!

More creatures are calling from the off for now...

Adventure on! Wendy

Sculptures at transformed elementary school in Orinda, CA

Last week on our way to our nephew's wedding in Northern
California, we dropped by Orinda, just over the Berkeley hills,
for a jaunt down memory lane. I lived there from age 1-6 1/2 .
Last time there, we discovered my old elementary school had
been turned into a community center, but didn't stop by. This
time we walked up the steps, walked in to find this sculpture:

Outside, I was thrilled to find the building and connected
library plaza surrounded by sculpture.

The sculpture below is the one at the top of the
steps pictured above. It's made from nails!

Did you see the jumping frog in the photo with the
library? Here are a couple views from the bottom of
of those stairs. Steel sculpture is by Gale Wagner,
entitled "Outtahere" - Putting
it in the waterfall setting is ideal!

I loved the range of sculpture...from joyfully jumping frog
to intense "Truce" by Albert Dicruttalo on the path to the
side of the library - website:

To a fun whirling motion filled peacock by Patricia
Vader which can be seen through other steel sculptures...

and close up - Patricia's website
has more information on the sculpture.

There was even a little yarn bombing present..
Bike racks decorated thanks to the group behind
with the blog:

Orinda has always meant live oaks, windy, hilly streets
and memories of a wading pool with a waterfall (sadly
no longer by the swimming pool we used to go to)...
now it means a vibrant, appreciative art community
as well! My apologies for not getting all of the artists'
names. Kudos to Orinda's Art in Public Places Program.

This week I'm off to spend some time with granddaughters
in VA so their parents can spend a week in Paris. I'll be getting
some stitching done while there and some feedback on a story
I'm writing. Creatures in last post have moved forward...but
aren't not ready for more photos quite yet.

Hope everyone's summer is going well..

Adventure on!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New creatures begin...

And so begins a new season of creatures. The guys above
began when I spied the antler tips in the studio and realized
they'd be perfect beaks. Each also has hidden rocks, part
to add story, part to add ballast.

I enjoyed my "Tadaah" figure who could stand on its
head so am playing with a few more figures who see
from different angles.

And...more heads,hands, and feet of clay are needed to keep
more storytellers wandering forth:

Lined up and ready to fire in the kiln:

Fun to think of the places these creatures will see!
Next post...more process photos..

Adventure on! Wendy