Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New creatures begin...

And so begins a new season of creatures. The guys above
began when I spied the antler tips in the studio and realized
they'd be perfect beaks. Each also has hidden rocks, part
to add story, part to add ballast.

I enjoyed my "Tadaah" figure who could stand on its
head so am playing with a few more figures who see
from different angles.

And...more heads,hands, and feet of clay are needed to keep
more storytellers wandering forth:

Lined up and ready to fire in the kiln:

Fun to think of the places these creatures will see!
Next post...more process photos..

Adventure on! Wendy


  1. these are awesome - even in their just-being-born state!!
    linda E

  2. Love the antler tip beaks! Looking forward to seeing them when they are completed.