Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Creatures march forward...

Back from VA where I spent a wonderful 10 days with
grandkids...did a little stitching of eye journals there, but
creatures had to stay home and wait.....They were patient.

Muslin is on most of the new armatures:

It's fun to see the form change as bulk and
wrapping is added. You might remember this
guy from my previous blog:

Here it is with complete body shape in place:

I played with some new head and tail decoration :

Added leather and textile (a piece from an old Japanese Obi) , beads and
paint and a creature emerged! Name? He/she hasn't told me yet.
Anyone have any ideas?

Next Monday I have an appointment to work with a new
photographer in NYC. Am taking the guy above and a
few others to "play" with. I'll share what we come up
with....and demonstrate the difference between casual
and professional photography!

One last note: Thanks to Toby Froud's facebook page,
I heard about his mom's beautiful blog:
and from it about the show Wendy, Brian, and Toby will
be having at the Animazing gallery in NY, opening
this December:
I met them all several years back at Mythic Journeys in Atlanta,
have been wanting to reconnect. Definitely plan on trying to be
at the opening!

More creatures are calling from the off for now...

Adventure on! Wendy

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  1. 思いやりのあるプロテクター (Omoiyari no aru purotekutā) is japanese for "compassionate protector" about the name "Omoiyari" for short?