Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another new creature in search of a name..

Hurricane Irene changed my plans for a trip to NYC last week.
It seemed wiser to stay at home where new creatures were
asking to be completed. winds and rain whipped around,
this creature came to life. Seemed appropriate to be working on
a water avian of sorts. I'm thinking it must possess a little bit
of magic since amazingly our electric power never went off.
Considering the number of trees next to power lines in our
neighborhood, this is remarkable. A few major limbs snapped
in our trees:

But a few branches pales to the damage in so many places
all over New England...and this for a storm "not as bad
as expected."

Back to the new avian...Here is the beginning work on
his head (with myself reflected in the window...).
Spokes are sea urchin spines from a necklace which
used to belong to my mom. Beak is an antler tip:

I used rawhide for the wings - wet formed and painted:

and beaded the legs, of course:

He/she was finished yesterday. Here he/she is posing in
the sun for a few snapshots!

No name yet. I had such fun hearing the names suggested
on facebook for my previous creature...I'll try that again...
also open to hearing suggestions here!

Now off to finish another figure before heading to
the photographer in NYC next Friday. Hope to get
some good new photos.

Adventure on! Wendy


  1. what's his/her story? that may help us name him/her! and your stories are amazing, so this is a thinly veiled attempt to hear one!

  2. Good questions...guess I better start listening and finding out! Am working on a piece of same or similar species...I'm thinking experiments were being done with genetics...since clearly these avians could wade, but not get off the ground!

  3. I really love the use of the eyes in all your new pieces - adds such a new dimension.