Wednesday, February 27, 2013

HYCC community prayer flags for Obama

 Sorry for my delay in posting....I've just finished participating in the
Baltimore American Craft Council show and will post very soon about
its wonders.  But first, as promised, here are some images from the
Hawthorne Youth and Community Center workshop I helped with on
Martin Luther King day/Inauguration Day -  needless to say, quite a
day of celebration in our community.  Four years ago HYCC hung flags
for President Obama and his family wishing them well and sending our
hopes and prayers. We decided this second term, our President needed
our good wishes more than ever. 

      The afterschool children had been making flags in preparation
for this event.  Late afternoon on Jan. 21st., we invited the broad
community to come and create their own.  

It was a wonderful intergenerational event. Youngest participant under
2, eldest 80...which was wonderful for story sharing. 

 A lot of thought went into the flags.  Over 50 were created.




Once completed, we stitched them onto a  line so they could fly high
and send our thoughts to Washington D.C. and beyond. The evening
concluded with delicious food, song, discussion and more stories.

We hung the flags the following morning...a very windy
we're sure our messages sailed on their way. 

Keep positive energy swirling....
and Adventure on.    Wendy