Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Traveling librarians -process and completion

As mentioned in previous blog posts.. Inspired by the program
From Words to Wings which our daughter and her husband founded
in Ecuador, I've been making a series of traveling librarians...even
tried my hand at a little poetry to accompany them. 

          Traveling librarians

Some children cuddle at home
To share a book, hear a story
Some children walk down the street                                             
To find a book, hear a story
Some children go in a car or bus
To search for a book, hear a story
Some children go online 
To discover a book, read a story
Some children turn on the tele
To see a book, hear a story

Some children dream and wait
For the traveling librarians
     Who come by jeep
     Who come on horseback
     Who come by canoe
     Who come by skiff
     Who come on dragon’s back
      Who bring books
      And stories 
      And  wings

It's fun to see them emerge in the studio...
Here are some process photos:

A dragon librarian...basic armature:


A little further along...polyester and thread
around wire..and designing spokes.

Muslin hand stitched over stuffing....
(small creature in front ended up a winged dragon
named Majestis) 

Next leather....

Patina added to leather....and rawhide wet-formed
spokes (and books) added:

Completed Pageante and Roland

Head of another creature...which I thought was going to 
be a dragon...but she had something else in mind

Beaded leggings were definitely requested.

And a basket just perfect to fit between legs and hold mini books..
including a mini dragon book, of course

As I said, thie creature had her own ideas.. These rawhide wings
seemed much more appropriate than dragon wings... and 
Skreeraugh (aka Peggy) came to life..

But it is not just creatures that can bring books...Remember
that wood from the old dock in my last blog post?


As I thought it became a skiff with library on

Loofe, the librarian enjoys taking a break to read one
of his books...

Other Star Wandererers prefer to arrive by canoe:

Canoby enjoys paddling  along with books in tow

Next destination for the librarians is the Brooklyn Museum....where
I'll be participating in the American Fine Craft Show, Brooklyn
Nov. 22-23.

There was a fun article by Jenifer Eberhart  on the show  which
appeared  last week with responses by myself and four other 
sculptors to various process and life questions at

All my figures  are looking forward  to greeting folks in
Brooklyn....and sharing the booth - #49  with a new species of mini
creatures called  Taradiddles...(more about  them in a future

Hope to see some of you at the Brooklyn Museum!

Adventure on!   Wendy