Thursday, September 29, 2011

Open Studios - Andy Moerlein and Donna Dodson

Fall in Boston is all about open studios events. Almost every
weekendyou can wander and relish the amazing art community
in our midst. Last weekend studios were open and tents appeared
in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood. Since I was blitzing for
Roxbury Open Studios, I couldn't wander too much, but did
manage to get over to see a few friends and finally meet sculptors
Donna Dodson and her partner Andy Moerlein. I've been on
Donna's email list for a while, but our schedules never connected.
Andy came down from New Hampshire for the weekend, so I
had the opportunity to talk to both and see some of their work
and to hear a bit more about their residency in Verbier,
Switzerland creating monumental on a mountain top! The
project is written up in Andy's blog:
and Donna's:
The image above (taken on my phone) is a close up of the base
of one of Andy's large pieces displayed outside. I'm drawn in by
the mythic core of their work, and strong bird imagery in Andy's.
I look forward to staying connected.

This weekend is Roxbury's turn - my neighborhood. Complete
info at:
Discover Roxbury has used my eye journal image to connect
with their phrase "All Eyes are on Roxbury Open Studios."

Four days of events begin with tonight's showing of
"Waste Land": at the School
of Art and Design - The film documents the journey of artist
Vik Muniz from his home base in Brooklyn to his native Brazil
where he involves workers at the world's largest garbage dump,
Jardim Gramacho, just outside Rio to create art. If you haven't
see this film, I definitely recommend it. It's a testimony to the
transformative nature of art.

Tomorrow we have our festive opening/reception at the
National Center for African American Art :
and Saturday and Sunday studios and venues will be open from
11-6. A dragon will greet you as you enter my home studio
and other creatures and books welcome you in, including this
guy who just showed up, asking " Will I see You?" I hope so!

Some new storytellers also appeared this week...images of
them in my next blog. After Open Studios, I'll pack up
everything to go to Northampton next weekend for
the Paradise City Arts Festival:
Hope to see some of you here in Roxbury or in Northampton!

Adventure on! Wendy

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"The Way we See" sculpture and Ben Mitchell's photography

For a while now, "how we see" has been an important
theme in my each of us see from a different
perspective and in different ways. During these ponderings,
this guy showed up. He's holding old optical lenses used to
check eyesight, each with a different correction. Looking
through them, including the one on the tail, offers a different
view of the world. I've titled him "The Way we See",
but I'm sure he'll tell me his proper name soon.

He seemed a bit lonely, so this little fellow bounced in
to add a bit of fun!:

The photos above were taken by Ben Mitchell during our photo
session at his place in New York City. As was this great photo
of one of my eye journals:

I'm looking forward to continuing working with Ben!

Here's the photo he took of Krystuli and Spike, the Pupbeast.
He captured their spirit well:

Now off to finish a few more pieces for ArtRox Open Studios
next weekend Oct. 1-2 11-6PM. Anyone in the area, please come
by my studio - conversation, cookies, and beverage await.
Should be a great weekend of fun and art!

Adventure on! Wendy

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Male avian creature shows up

Once hearing that his companion was off to NYC for a photo shoot,
the second avian I was working on convinced me to finish him as
well. I say "him" since once finished, they did seem like a male and
female duo.

Here are some images of how he evolved. His head shot opens this
blog. Here is a back view:

Instead of just paint, I decided to bead this guy's wings.
I realize the poor avian would never get off the ground, but
felt better when my hubby observed that it was obvious the
wings of this species are just used for display and attracting their
mates. That might explain the fancier wings on the male!

Here is a side view taken in my greenhouse/photo set up
area in Roxbury:

And finally, here is the duo posing together in New York. I
took this snap shot with Ben Mitchell's permission when we
were setting up the duo for their shoot in his studio.

I'm still working on their names and stories, listening hard.
Thank you everyone for all the great name suggestions via
facebook and email! Stay tuned for what they decide on.

I managed to finish another figure for the shoot as well...
Images of it in the next blog.

This week we're off to Oregon for my hubby's 50th high
school quickly the years pass!! Perhaps I'll
pick up some stones on the farm where my hubby was
raised and see what creatures emerge.

Adventure on! Wendy