Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Male avian creature shows up

Once hearing that his companion was off to NYC for a photo shoot,
the second avian I was working on convinced me to finish him as
well. I say "him" since once finished, they did seem like a male and
female duo.

Here are some images of how he evolved. His head shot opens this
blog. Here is a back view:

Instead of just paint, I decided to bead this guy's wings.
I realize the poor avian would never get off the ground, but
felt better when my hubby observed that it was obvious the
wings of this species are just used for display and attracting their
mates. That might explain the fancier wings on the male!

Here is a side view taken in my greenhouse/photo set up
area in Roxbury:

And finally, here is the duo posing together in New York. I
took this snap shot with Ben Mitchell's permission when we
were setting up the duo for their shoot in his studio.

I'm still working on their names and stories, listening hard.
Thank you everyone for all the great name suggestions via
facebook and email! Stay tuned for what they decide on.

I managed to finish another figure for the shoot as well...
Images of it in the next blog.

This week we're off to Oregon for my hubby's 50th high
school reunion....how quickly the years pass!! Perhaps I'll
pick up some stones on the farm where my hubby was
raised and see what creatures emerge.

Adventure on! Wendy


  1. he is so handsome! I love the facial expression with the eyebrow all serious!

  2. He is quite a confident serious creature, but has a good sense of humor under that eyebrow!