Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sculptures at transformed elementary school in Orinda, CA

Last week on our way to our nephew's wedding in Northern
California, we dropped by Orinda, just over the Berkeley hills,
for a jaunt down memory lane. I lived there from age 1-6 1/2 .
Last time there, we discovered my old elementary school had
been turned into a community center, but didn't stop by. This
time we walked up the steps, walked in to find this sculpture:

Outside, I was thrilled to find the building and connected
library plaza surrounded by sculpture.

The sculpture below is the one at the top of the
steps pictured above. It's made from nails!

Did you see the jumping frog in the photo with the
library? Here are a couple views from the bottom of
of those stairs. Steel sculpture is by Gale Wagner,
entitled "Outtahere" - Putting
it in the waterfall setting is ideal!

I loved the range of sculpture...from joyfully jumping frog
to intense "Truce" by Albert Dicruttalo on the path to the
side of the library - website:

To a fun whirling motion filled peacock by Patricia
Vader which can be seen through other steel sculptures...

and close up - Patricia's website
has more information on the sculpture.

There was even a little yarn bombing present..
Bike racks decorated thanks to the group behind
with the blog:

Orinda has always meant live oaks, windy, hilly streets
and memories of a wading pool with a waterfall (sadly
no longer by the swimming pool we used to go to)...
now it means a vibrant, appreciative art community
as well! My apologies for not getting all of the artists'
names. Kudos to Orinda's Art in Public Places Program.

This week I'm off to spend some time with granddaughters
in VA so their parents can spend a week in Paris. I'll be getting
some stitching done while there and some feedback on a story
I'm writing. Creatures in last post have moved forward...but
aren't not ready for more photos quite yet.

Hope everyone's summer is going well..

Adventure on!


  1. I found your blog post via google imaging Orinda Union School. I went there too (60's/70's), and it's such a treat to see your photos and read about how it is now! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I attended from 65-70. My idiot brother and were the ones who painted our own names on the wall in the courtyard. Glad to see the school again.