Monday, July 25, 2011

Storyteller travels to St. Louis

As promised in my last blog are images
of "Clocamo, the Storyteller", shipped to Mirroz Gallery
in Creve Coeur, MO (just outside St. Louis). I met the gallery
owner, Zina Gelman, at ACC Baltimore. With a customer in
mind, she made specific requests...the storyteller was to be in
black and white. O.K. - I admit, I let a little bit of color sneak in.
I couldn't resist including the border on the old cloth (handwoven
by the Chin of Mynamar) which I used for the cape and carpet.
She requested three masks - a cat:

a mouse (first time for me):

and a colorful clown (again first time for my Star Wanderer

Clown masks were fun to create...made quite a few
extras as I was more storytellers may
get them this fall. Here are a few I've started:

Zina showed the storyteller to another customer
who wants a storyteller with a mask of a blond cocker
spaniel, a hippo, and an iris! Hmmmm....Another customer
is interested in a jazz motif!..(I like that idea a lot!)

Meanwhile, now that the grandkids have left, and heat wave
broken, I'm working on some new winged creatures in my
studio (nope no air conditioning in it!) Process photos in
next blog.

Adventure on! Wendy


  1. Love the new masks - isn't it great when someone helps us move beyond our comfort zone to get us to try new things.

  2. Indeed....I love creative challenge!!Anyone have ideas for the Iris mask?