Thursday, April 29, 2010

Artists Blog Directory spans the world

Soon I'll be posting about some wandering and wondering in
South America, mostly in Uruguay with a weekend in Buenos
Aires. Who knows what will show up in the studio as a result
of new sights,sounds,acquaintances, objects and adventures.
My stump critters emerged after trips to Ecuador - Cuenca,
Quito, Otavalo, Tigua, the coast visiting family and friends.
(One of our son-in-laws is from Cuenca.)I will definitely
share images and thoughts on my return.

But for now, if you're feeling adventurous -how about
a bit of wandering world wide via a new blog I've just joined:

Kim Barker, a visual artist who lives with her family in the
Eastern Central Coast of Australia has gathered this directory
of blogging artists from around the world. What the internet
makes easily possible still amazes me! It's fun to meander
through this site and see who is out there, and writing about it!
If you blog about your art...let Kim know!
Kim also manages and her own
personal blog:

That's a little more writing and managing than I would care
to do...but onward Kim!!!..I hope everyone is planning some
adventures this summer! Journey on! Wendy

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