Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baltimore American Craft Council Show Feb. 22-27

All eyes are on ACC Baltimore!! As usual, I'll be there!
Thank goodness no big snow storms seem to be brewing.
It is always an unbelievably spectacular show, so I
encourage any and all to come. 700 exhibitors for retail!
Really quite an amazing treat for eyes and soul. Please
come by my booth # 1909! For complete show info go to:

Speaking of eyes....I'll be bringing along a new series
of Journals following up on my investigation of
Eyes as windows to the soul. Here are a couple images:

I'm having fun playing with different varieties of
eyes from glass moutain goat, African lion, red fox,
pheasant and more. I'll have both 6x8 and 4x6 replaceable
journals in these and other styles. Even some new card
holders with eyes! I'll also have some of my figures
with eyes in less than ordinary locations inspired by
my trip to Uruguay.

New creatures also arrive before Baltimore. Here is
a new one in process, tenatively named
Krystuli. Leather and beading will be added
before the show, maybe even a face on the sides!

Come see completed Krystuli at ACC Baltimore and
help me figure out Krystuli's story!

Wudaineon the dragon is looking forward to
seeing Baltimore for the first time as is her
dragon friend, Snarval!

Safe travels everyone!!!

Journey on! Wendy

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  1. The eyes have it. These eyes are so intense (and scary - to me). I hope Baltimore is all that you hope.