Friday, February 11, 2011

Florida trip inspires poem- part 1

My trip to Winter Park, Florida, for the symposium last weekend landed me in a
landscape and gathering full of story...
A poem is part 1:

"I awake to call and response of birds
Echoing through moist air.
Early sunlight reflects off
Back of alligator gliding by
Circling lake in ancient morning ritual.
Tree branches rustle with movement
As romping squirrel defies gravity.

I walk to witness
Cedar nubs emerging through sandy soil
Creating eerie villages.

A cormorant swims with comical dip and glide
Sits on dock railing drying wings
Happy to pose for photos.

Ospreys circle above, see prey
Dive with death defying speed
Plunge into depths, rise again.

Large creased smooth nuts lie in thick grass
Waiting to be picked up, or eaten.

Soft, energetic Spanish moss twists, twines
Attaches to itself and to offering branches
Transforming lakeside into magical landscape.

Autos add rhythmic click, click, click
As wheels stroke the brick street.
Plane overhead shakes scene
Reminding of balance of worlds.

I listen for the stories..."

Next week's post - more about symposium, my
presentation and the rest of the poem.

Journey on! Wendy


  1. A trip that inspires poetry about its landscape/geography must have been great.

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