Friday, January 28, 2011

Interstitial arts and preparation for Florida symposium: Lovefest2011

As mentioned in my last post, on Sunday, Jan. 16, the Board of
the Interstitial Arts Foundation met at our house for an all day
planning meeting. Since we are scattered across the country,
our monthly meetings are teleconferences, but we try to meet
face to face at least once a year. Pictured above from left to right:
Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman, Larissa Niec, Katya Pendill,
GeoffreyLong, Erin Underwood and below myself and Felice
Kuan with Deborah Atherton - via paper drawing and iphone.
It is a fascinating group to work with as you can see if you go
on to the IAF website and click on "about" and "team":
We spent the meeting visioning IAF's future and elected
Larissa and Felice as new IAF Bd. President and Vice
President. (Ellen and Delia, co-founders of IAF decided
it was time for them to step down from offices. )
I joined the Board in 2006 with Ellen and Delia's
encouragement after discussions at Mythic Journeys in
Atlanta. I've loved being pushed to think outside the craft
show/art box and have learned a great deal about the world
of writers, use of technology, and realized more than ever just
how many creative individuals seem to thrive in the interstices
of art! The IAF does a good job of encouraging me to explore
realms outside my comfort level -those places where learning

Next weekend in Winter Park Florida I will be venturing
into such a world. I'm participating in a conference
organized by Florida based Gladdening Light called;
Lovefest: A symposium of Art and Faith
As you will see if you click on the link, they have invited
progressive Christian theologian, Marcus J. Borg
to lead the conference. In addition, four artists have been
invited to participate to share our views of the
interconnection of art and spirit. Painter,
Diane McPhail, textile artist, Sonja Weber, singer
Virginia Shenck, and I will be on a panel moderated
by Jan Richardson Saturday
afternoon. Later, each of us will present a 1 1/2 hour session
exploring our creative journeys through image, movement
(Sonja uses yoga) and song (Virginia) reflecting on sacred
influences, mentors and inspiration.

I've been reading a lot of Borg to have a frame of
reference for the conference. Since I quickly saw that
understanding the metaphors underlying stories
was crucial to his view of religion, I knew this is someone
I will enjoy getting to know. On Sunday he will talk about
"Thin Places" - where the worlds of reality and non-material
reality meet and the veil between is lifted. It has occurred
to me that it is in those thin places that many writers,
singers, dancers, artists thrive...not unlike the interstitial
spaces the IAF talks about. As I look over my life and
my work, I realize it is in exactly those thin places that
I feel most at to spirit and material reality
at the same time.

When trying to explain my art, I often think of
Isadora Duncan's quote: "If I could tell you what it meant,
there would be no point in dancing it."...but next weekend
I will try to use both words and art. I'll definitely report back
in my next blog post.

Journey on!....Wendy

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