Thursday, February 17, 2011

Part 2 - Reflections on Florida symposium on Art and Faith

More poetic reflections on .
Part one was about my listening to the stories embedded
in nature in Winter on to the symposium.
Mretrac, my phoenix greeted participants at the entrance
as did some of my other work and paintings by Diane McPhail.
Sonja Weber Gilkey's rope sculptures were displayed
inside the main room.

"I am amidst
Elders seeking, learning, relearning
Men and women together listening, questioning

Communing, gathering strength
To move forward, make a difference
Learning to articulate thoughts
Sharing experience and scholarly understanding

Young people searching
Wanting to believe in the sacred
In something more, something good
Something that will offer community
Help make sense of the world

Looking to find their way
Among the many paths

Swirling currents of sounds and words
Drift up through and around the room
Dance in and out of rope sculptures

Over and through paintings

Brush by phoenix wings and dragon spokes

Encircle a community of spirit.

I absorb the stories."

Journey on!.....Wendy

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