Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Images from ACC Baltimore - Michael Schunke, Deborah Rogers and Kirsten Stingle

My dragons in Baltimore had lots of good views. Wudaineon loved
being across from Michael Schunke and his amazing glass.
www.nineironstudios.com Michael's work is beautiful and his
booth a joy to be near.

As usual (and what I always hope for), I met some artists
whom I had not known before. One such artist is Deborah
Rogers. She was in the "altcraft" section of the show . When
she arrived they had not set up a place for her. Fortuantely
she had brought along this small stage set-up, perfect for her work!

New to Baltimore, but hardly a new artist, she has
shown across the country (including at the Smithsonian
show). She used to be a painter and her approach to her
"narrative sculpture" made from various self-hardening
clays and found objects reflect her amazing decorative ability.
She uses colored pencils to get much of her detail!

Deborah's uses facebook to actively publicize
her work Check out her facebook.com page under:
Deborah G. Rogers

Another new (to me) artist I found at the
show with a strong sense of storytelling in her work is
Kirsten Stingle: www.kirstenstingle.com

Kirsten has a fine arts degree in theater. Not hard to
guess that when you are in the presence of her dramatic
intriguing work full of gesture and emotion!

Check out Kirsten's website for the full scoop. You
will see she's going to very busy with shows and
exhibits this spring and summer!

I'm busy getting ready for my next show:
www.craftnewyork.com April 1-3, but will try
to share more Baltimore and Atlanta images soon.

Journey on! Wendy


  1. How generous of you to share the work of these three new (to you and now me) artists. These art shows are important for all the connections they make between artist and patron as well as between artists.
    Have you ever collaborated with another professional artist on creating a work?

  2. Haven't collaborated recently...but am thinking
    of trying to work with a song writer/video maker
    who approached me at a recent show to see what
    we can create together this summer...Also have a glass artist working on creating new dragon eyes!