Friday, June 25, 2010

Leather card holders and journals

Although sometimes I love the challenge of making really
large sculptures, small is beautiful too! Lately I've been
concentrating on making small items to be available for a
July 10 festival organized by the ArtRox collective to which
I belong.

Networking seems more important than ever these days, so
I've been hand stitching suede lined black leather
two-pocket card holders. One side for your cards,
the other for those of the people you meet. Measuring
4.25" x3" they allow for individuality. I've had fun
with varying styles:

Classic with sculpted swirls and colorful suede lining:

black leather with painted swirls:

And for the more venturous -ones with faces:


and bird and/or dragons wings on the covers:

The card holders are also perfect for putting a credit card
or subway pass on one side and a few dollars when you are
going out and don't feel like bringing a wallet. Whatever
their use, they feel soft and luscious since I use Japanese
black plongé. Appreciating that the economy hasn't exactly
really turned around yet, I've kept the price super reasonable.

In case inspiration strikes when you're out , I've made
replaceable leather journals in similar styles to bring along.
Standard 4"x6" or 5.5" x 8.5" sketchbook/journals slip in and out.

I've also been working on artist books with leather pouches
and some new small ceramic masks with beads...I'll
show images of those next week!

I hope everyone's summer is full of adventure.
Journey on! Wendy


  1. The card holders are perfect for putting a credit card and Dr card
    or subway pass
    Plastic cards

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