Thursday, August 19, 2010

Joan Rasmussen and Wendy Hill at Ann Arbor

At each show in which I participate, I hope
to meet artists I have not encountered on the
road before. Two such artists I had the opportunity
to find on the "path" this year in Ann Arbor were
Joan Rasmussen,
and Wendy Hill,

Joan's booth was just a couple down from mine:
She creates articulated figures full of humor and fun
by combining original ceramic elements with found objects.
I loved the way she used chalk to write the
descriptions on the walls!!

Here are a couple closeups of fun, colorful pieces:

Joan calls her studio "Sum of its parts Studio". She
writes: "as a native of New York City, one of my
earliest realizations was that we are one of many. My
approach to art and the figure incorporates this awareness.
With each new piece I draw upon a limitless resource of
characters encountered. Often, the end results are
compilations of traits or features from persons with whom
I’ve crossed paths; sometimes real, sometimes imagined,
and sometimes I’m unsure."

One look at Wendy Hill's booth at Ann Arbor
and you'll immediately understand my attraction
to the work! It is filled with wings, myth and mystery.

All the images were drawn and carved by Marvin, who
sadly left this world in 2003. Wendy's contribution was
the printing and hand coloring with watercolors. Together
they sold their limited edition fine art block prints at shows
for many years. Happily for us, Wendy continues printing
and coloring and bringing them to the public. Many
consist of intricate assembled hand colored pieces.
Here is a favorite..with wings and central face.
(My apologies for my reflection!)The pieces in the booth
were beautifully framed. All are full of story!!

The title of this is "She climbs through"...hmmm
to what? to where? I was definitely tempted by
this piece:

Check out Wendy and Marvin's website for many more images
and themes!

I hope everyone has had a summer filled with
savoring art!

Journey on! Wendy


  1. thank you for taking me along (virtually) on your travels! you always have such interesting posts!

  2. I especially liked Joan's work and her clever display. Thanks for sharing.