Friday, December 23, 2011

A cliff dwelling nacimiento offering for the Holidays


   I have always  enjoyed  seeing varieties of nativity scenes .
But after seeing some amazingly elaborate nacimientos in
Cuenca, Ecuador, we began setting up our own nativity
scene in a more expanded way with an international flair.
It covers the top of our piano  in December. This year we
purchased a mini trullo when in Alberobello , Italy.
It can be seen above just behind our "three kings"
( from Peru) playing music  with a clay animals I made
when I was about 9 or 10.  For me, the birth of any
 child is something to be celebrated with song.

During our recent Italian adventure we were driving along the
Amalfi coast just about to go through a tunnel  when I caught a
glimpse of something  nestled into the limestone cliff. We parked
on the other side of the tunnel and I walked back through to see
what was there...and took some photos.  I wasn't able to discover
the story behind the person or people who lovingly created
this detailed miniature  nacimiento complete with a wood fired
pizza  oven, miniature trees, and a pond with fish.  There was no
sign or labels.  It was a visual gift offered to passers by.  I, in turn,
offer my images of the scene to you in honor of this holiday
Season and in honor of those who present anonomous gifts.


 My best to everyone for wondrous holidays filled with music,
good food, family and story sharing!

Journey on!   Wendy

(Last post I promised some of my "stairs " photos...look for them
in my next post.!)


  1. thank you for taking me along! best holiday wishes to you, my friend!

  2. And to you too, Linda....thanks for being on the road with me!

  3. More great photos. I wonder how your trip to Italy will influence your art.