Friday, February 10, 2012

New creatures for ACC Baltimore

 A new season of shows - a new group of creatures.  Once again I'll
be heading to The American Craft Council Show in Baltimore
Wholesale dates 22/23, retail 24-26.  I'll be in booth #1200.
The new web footed avian above has shown up  for the event.
He's been waiting patiently to be finished. Here are a couple
"before" photos which show armature and the one stone in the belly: 


I was pleased the way the rawhide wings and webbed feet
turned out.  I'll get a professional photo at the show to share.
Still looking for a name.  Any ideas anyone?  He/she is about
29" tall, 48"+ foot wingspread.

And speaking of stones.  I returned from our Italian adventure
with stones picked up as we wandered the medieval hill towns
and looked at all the dragon images. surprise that a
couple new dragons emerged incorporating some of the stone
story shards:

The stones on his back remind me of the stony streets we climbed.
Name here -Lucciano? perhaps? Rawhide wings are moveable.
Size: 12" tall, 24" long, 24" wingspread.

 And finally a smaller one more with stone snout and stone
inside his back. Also moveable wings - about 18' wingspread.
Name?  Leapfore?

I've  been working on new designs incorporating eyes....some
work is collaborative....look for that in my next post!
Back to my studio....

Hope to see some of you in Baltimore!!

Adventure on!  Wendy

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  1. I like the first feathered beauty a lot - the yin/yang contrast.