Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Creatures come to New York City Javits show Oct. 19-21.

Last blog you saw the beginnings....here are some of the finished
creatures and items going with me to the NYC show at the Javits
this weekend, October 19-21.  Complete info on this three-in-one
show at: www.americanartmarketingnyc.com
I'm still trying to figure out the total story behind the new species.
Ideas anyone? This figure is 26" tall, wingspread is 32". The beading
ended up taking quite  a few more hours than I expected.
Below is a youngster of the species, 14" tall.
During Roxbury Open Studios, a visitor observed that they
probably live in mountainous areas and love to hop boulder to
boulder...their wings help them glide between. I'd love to bring along
a pair of wings for my next trip to the Rockies or Andes.
I went around in circles  deciding how to finish the figure below.
Finally he told me he really wanted masks...so he ended up with these
This "eye" tree leather book cover seemed to want a little color:
And finally....yes, I'll be going to NYC with a good supply of
other "eye" leather items....covers for I-pads and e-readers,
I-phones and card holders as well as my journal covers.
Above is a  preview of two I-pad covers.

The Javits show is advertising itself as 3 shows in one.
Should be a fascinating mix.  I'll share some of my
discoveries or favorites next post.  Anyone near New York
City - please come on over...I'll be in Booth #233. It would
be great to see you.

Adventure on!   Wendy

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