Monday, January 28, 2013

New friends, costumes and inspiration at Arisia

Reardon the Rambunctious rambled over to Arisia 2013 with me this
year where inspiration and creativity filled the air.  I was fortunate to
have my dealer table  next to that of  the Guest of Honor Artist,
Roger Dean .I was surrounded by his fantastic worlds and better yet
was able to get to know him and his equally amazing, multi-faceted
daughter, Freyja Dean. Freya and Roger had flown over from England
for the event. Friend Jud was manning his booth.  When talking to me
about my work, Freyja asked what sort of  environment I visualized
my creatures in. I had never  thought concretely about that. My
immediate answer, however, was that they very likely would exist in 
a world looking much like one of Roger's landscapes. What incredible
stories the scenes all hold. I have placed one of Roger's prints in my
studio to continue to contemplate the question. My words can't do
justice to either Roger or Freyja's definitely check out their
websites. For a young person, Freyja has already explored many
roads. I'm going to enjoy seeing her path unfold in the years ahead.

As usual, creative costume design and diversity abounded at Arisia
from headdresses to hats
(Yes, that is one of my small dragon books finding a place to roost.)

to  entire outfits. Merida was there,a few satyrs and
other personalities
My favorite Batman was this guy with his 12 foot wingspread, opened
via a hidden lever.

Since I was set up  across from the booth of the Leather Lair
I was entertained by seeing Suzanne and Lithia entice
customers with cool designs.  Lots of great outfits
left .  It was also fun to see what outfits the Leather
Lair ladies showed up in every day:
I definitely could feel the presence of my costume designer brother,
Taylor.  He died over 20 years ago, but is definitely still around in my
work and challenging me forward.

During the art show opening, I was able to talk more to Eric Bornstein
of Behind the Mask  Going over to his studio in Sommerville to
explore activities there is definitely on my to do list for 2013:
Sales went well for me at Arisia.  Folks enjoyed my new boxes to keep
an "eye" on whatever you desire:
And I received some intriguing orders -like making a cover for a
customer's special edition of the Necronomicon by H. P.  Lovecraft. I
finished it today....A red/gold/black "shark" eye seemed appropriate.

 I also learned that my e-reader covers fit the mini I-pad and Samsung
Galaxy pad. Good to know that I'm keeping  up with new electronics,
even if somewhat by accident.

The last day of Arisia was MLK day and,of course, inauguration day.
So after packing up my table I was off to Hawthorne Youth and
Community Center to help with  a "Prayer Flags for Obama"
workshop and celebration.  I had worked with the afterschool kids
for the previous two Wednesdays, so by the end of the eve, we had
quite a wonderful selection.....Images of that in my next blog post.

2013 off to a good start here...I hope the same is true for all of you.

Adventure on.  Wendy


  1. This is so alien to me. I like the fancifulness of the costumes but I guess I'm more in tune with the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas (check them out) and the folks featured on
    I'm glad you've found success with your work here. I look forward to seeing the next post about your Maps project with HYCC.

    1. Thanks the heads up on the two blogs. Lots of fun. Got to love folks who aren't afraid to make a statement and don't take themselves too seriously in the process. Brings me back to the 10 or so years I created and sold leather clothing..but not enough to want to return to it.