Friday, June 7, 2013

Sculpture and inspiration in Northampton at Paradise City Arts Festival

Is it really worth setting up at fine craft shows when 
price of participation keeps going up, and profit margins can be
questionable?  Friends and colleagues ask.  True, it takes
energy and money, neither limitless at this point in my life. And,
for all of us, figuring how to balance family, work and community
is a challenge.  Then I participate in an event like the Spring
Paradise City Arts Festival in Northampton over Memorial Day
weekend and am reminded just how important participation is to me.

At times, Matt Evald Johnson's sculpture pictured above seems
a metaphor for the effort and futility involved. But more often, I
see the dance:

Or the challenge  - how about pulling this stone into the abyss
and seeing where  it lands - or where you fly with it?

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, it's about being
in the presence of artistic synergy...and fun.  Walking
by the creatures of Chris Williams

Wishing we had a back yard to accommodate this guy:

or pond for an octopus or two:

Equally important is seeing artists willing to take risks.

Constance Talbot, an amazing potter whose dinner
service I have been collecting for a while, decided to
"go for it" and present her elegant sculpture this year:

Connie reported the conversations the sculpture stimulated were
worth the show.

Talk was lively in my booth as well. I had some long conversations
with a few Northampton writers and illustrators, even talked of
possible collaboration.  Stay tuned for more on that front.

Often attendees become friends as well as customers. Inspiration
can come from those relationships. I was invited to see the new
project of a now long term friend found through the show.  At 79
years young, she is building a dream - a passive solar house and
attached glass studio not far from Northampton.
We sipped hot tea by the 89 foot pond she has created:

How can one not return home more inspired, energized and ready
to take some risk?  You never know what may be lurking around
the next corner.

Adventure on!    Wendy

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  1. You are right - being around, interacting with and being inspired by other artists is surely one of the reasons to participate in craft shows. And the sales. Thanks for posting and for your generosity in sharing the work of other artists.