Monday, November 27, 2017

Still here .... trying to keep spirit alive

For any who have wondered, I have not  flown off into the
skies...trying to escape political events in the United States,
as tempting as that has seemed at times.   The spirit birds
flying in this composite photo created by Hakim Raquib  reflect
a new direction my work took in response to being invited to a gallery
exhibit with the title "Spirit" late in 2016.  Hakim created the photo
after viewing the exhibit. Kathleen Bitetti, curator for the The gallery
of Medicine Wheel productions  invited four of us to display work
myself, Robert Peters, Susie Smith and Michael Dowling (the spirit
who keeps moving on.... be sure to
check out their amazing organization making a difference)

I had the whole corner of the white walled gallery.... the request was
to keep  things on the minimal ...So I created three sculptural leather
flying  spirit birds -  their wings were  of pierced rawhide... each with
a glass eye in their chest...  Wingspread 5' to 3.5'.  Shadows were
awesome!   They resulted in quite a few other such avians over this
year of various sizes.. (a number are on my website.) Here
are two images of another large one:

In explanation,  I wrote:
          "My spirit world and dreams have always been filled
with flying and flying creatures.  As a child when confronted
with difficult in a dream, I frequently resort to fight...
remembering I could get away by flying out a window or
jumping off a ledge.  My favorite adult dreams still involve
flying, but they are more about perspective than escape  When
soaring above, it is easier to see the bigger picture and
recognize commonality of concerns and efforts rather
than petty differences  At the same time, I recognize that we
all see through our own web of experience, passions and
inclinations  The challenge is to try to see each other with
open eyes and in turn to listen carefully.  For some time now,
I have been incorporating eyes in my work calling viewers
to see in new ways."

Robert, Susie and Michael each took a difference
approach...however....the show blended beautifully...
and definitely connected in spirit.

 Here is Moon set, one of Robert Peters' paintings in the exhibit
The poem he wrote for the piece one
of his "Thirteen Moons" series begins: 
"Shadows push away from her brilliant silverish blue glow
measuring the distance between one moment and the next."

 And Susie Smith's  flowing figures with the spirit
   of two lost family members in the sky...

                                                And Michael Dowling's display
                                including a sort of golden Jacob's ladder:
Looking back on this exhibit after the disturbing
year we have faced here in the US and beyond reminds
me of the importance of art.   Demonstrations of
hate and negative energy have been rampant in so
many sectors sliding us backwards instead of forward
to create a livable and kind world.  It is good to
reflect on the positive creative energy that has also
been asserted.... through activism, marching,
speaking up....and yes inspiring art.

My apologies for the long hiatus in posting on
this blog.  Besides being busy marching and
agitating and with shows, I have been dealing
with eye issues which have made it very difficult
to be on the computer for any length of time.
I'm determined to get back to regular posting..

I'm also thinking back to this exhibit since this
Thurs/Friday Nov. 30-Dec. 1 Michael is orchestrating
another installation and 24 hour vigil for World
AIDS Day/ A Day without art.  Theme: Air

He put out a call to artists to create 1000 2'x2' panels
painted in "sky" colors to create the walls around
the circular brick cyclorama where the vigil will be
held.  There are some amazing panels that have
been created.. . I look forward to helping some with
the installation and to spending time at the vigil.. thinking of
all those creative spirits who we have lost...but
are still here with us in spirit encouraging us on.  I'll try to write
a post with images after the event.

Peace and onward.... and back here soon...

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