Friday, January 15, 2010

First a 4' dragon, now on to 8'!

Last February a couple in Baltimore asked me to create an eight foot leather and textile Asian dragon for them - to wrap around the outside of the metal spiral staircase that goes from their bedroom to their work loft in their condo near the Inner Harbor. I had broken my wrist badly in early February so wasn't able to begin immediately....or even soon. Turns out the Drs. were correct - it does take 6-12 months for complete recovery. Wrist and hand are strong and so my dreams about this dragon are becoming manifest. I started by making a 4 foot one of leather to work out some ideas. I wet-formed rawhide for spokes and claws. I took it to
Dragon Con and to other shows in the Fall. The image here is of four foot long Zaltana, the dragon.

Now on to the 8 feet creature! Some issues:
I had to convince my leather supplier to bring in the leather I needed - by offering to purchase almost the entire order shipped from Japan. It's finally in the studio.
I had to create a work space - my studio is far from spacious. It's in two small rooms formerly occupied by three of our children, now grown an leading their own lives. So I've taken over our dining room. Guess we won't plan any dinner parties for a while. (House is too chilly for that anyway!). Wire armature is around 8 1/2 feet long. Creature stands on our dining table, just allowing me to move around it.
I still have to decide on exact textiles I will be using for it's belly (some brought back from Asia by the couple for the project.)
Early next week will make the large rawhide spokes and claws. I'm working on the wooden parts of the head. Asian dragons have BIG heads! I'll probably make ceramic eyes.
I plan on doing considerable beading.
Finally, I have to make sure I can actually transport it to Baltimore....hopefully at the time of the American Craft Show in Baltimore in late February....
Stay tuned....I'll share images along the way!

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