Friday, January 29, 2010

A dragon creeps into life!

This week instead of a lot of writing, I thought I’d share some process photos.

These are images of the large commissioned dragon I’ve been working on. As I explained in an earlier post, I’m working in our dining room since things are a bit too cramped for this size beast in my studio. Looks like it is going to end up around 9 feet long.

- A photo of the underlying allow wire armature

Here I am “wrestling with the beast” trying to get the arch of the neck I wanted. You can see some of polyester wrapping and muslin covering beginning to be stitched on. Leather and textiles to follow. (Aside comment to any of my children reading this - yes, I am standing on the table,but I was being careful! Dad brought in the ladder you gave me!)

A couple photos of the process of designing the spokes - First cut out in brown paper and pinned on. In this photo you can see that I'm playing with the idea of a rider. I'm not sure the customer is expecting one, but I like the story element by putting on a rider so will offer it.
Tray shows some of the wet-formed spokes. The spokes are one of the final things to get stitched on.

This last photo shows initial working on the head. And yes, for those who know my work, I am using one of the last large pieces of the "Legendary Stump" - check out the Legend of the Stump Critter on my website, if you don't know the story. I'm actually using two pieces of stump which involves using some taxidermy materials. More on delving in that world of suppliers...on the next post!

Enjoy! - Wendy


  1. wow, thank you so much for sharing. I can tell already that it is going to be an amazing finished piece.

  2. it is wonderful to see how you approach your work in building the dragon.
    I'm very curious how it will turn out eventually..

    love, Andrea

  3. Thanks for your comments Mary Helen and Andrea.
    I'm looking forward to seeing it finished as well. I'm aiming to have it completed by the time I head to the American Craft Council Show in Baltimore in three short weeks!

  4. Really cool! Can't believe the stump has provided material for nearly 17 years! (Have we really been married that long???)