Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dragon - leather skin and claws

This weekend I am participating in Boskone 47 in Boston. I have a booth in
the "huckster" area. After all the fine art and fine craft shows I do,
It's sort of fun being a "huckster" for a change. But before I head over,
I wanted to post a few more progress photos of "the" dragon.
I try to have any commissions relate very personally to the customer. In the
case of the dragon, my customers provided me with various textiles from their travels in Asia with the idea that I might be able to incorporate some of
them in the piece.

In the photo above, I was playing with possible combinations before attaching the leather "skin".

I use black plonge from Japan for my dragon "skin".Soft, supple,and large skins. But what is a dragon without claws...

Wetformed rawhide nails.

Sewing on the nails and claws.

Hind leg with foot and claws.

Finally here is a photo of the dragon with its full leather skin. It is looking a
little dark and creepy at this point..But don't worry, next post you will see its personality brighten with the patina I paint on the leather and the textiles attached to the belly.

Now off to hang with the sci fi literary crowd at Boskone! Peace, Wendy

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  1. your dragon looks WONDERFUL!! those claws are fierce! i can't wait to see the next step! Linda