Friday, March 5, 2010

10 foot leather dragon goes to ACC Baltimore

And so the journey of the Dragon and I began. In the end it
measured10'5" from snout to tip of the tail. As you can see
from these photos,it was a good thing it wasn't any bigger.
It just fit in our van. Its head rested between the two front
seats, nice company as I drove to Baltimore with a stop in New
Jersey for a visit with friends. Altho I did see a few strange
looks,when people glanced inside the van!

Fortunately, storms were past, so the dragon and I made it safely
to Baltimore for the American Craft Council Show. I had the
photographer, Bob Barrett, take some photos. Bob also took a
photo of me carrying the dragon down the escalator! Have to get
him to email that to me. I'll share it when he does. These are
Bob's photos of "Zeleckaa and Agupo" - Dragon and rider (new
owners get to choose which name goes with which..I try to be
non biased on that front!)

Getting a full shot of a piece over 10 feet long is a real trick,
especially in an impromptu studio setting. It took quite a bit
of time and playing with background paper. For jury slides, I'll
probably use the 3/4 shot, but enjoy having the full one as well
for my records.

Figuring out how to display a 10 foot + dragon in a 10x10 corner
booth was a challenge. Here is what I finally settled on - booth
photo by photographer, Paul Jeremias. I let the neck extend a bit
over my boundary. The dragon made quite a stir at the show. Kids
and adults alike were intrigued and spread the word to look for it!

But,of course,the folks I really wanted to see it were the
customers who commissioned it. They came on Friday morn to
see it for the first time. I appreciated their coming early.
It would have been nerve wracking to wait all day! Although
at first a bit startled by its size and wondering about the
installation,they fell in love with it (thank goodness!).
And when finally installed, agreed it was the perfect size
for the space. Next post will be installation photos.

Journey on! Wendy


  1. What great photos! Wish I could have seen the dragon in person. I'm glad it (he? she?) made such a stir at the show!

  2. fantastic!! how lucky are dragon's new owners! Linda E