Friday, March 12, 2010

Dragon's new lair..

As promised, here are more images of the large commissioned
leather dragon and rider I just delivered and installed in a
condo in Baltimore.

First, of course, we had to get it out of the convention center
in Baltimore. This is the photo that Bob Barrett took of me and
his assistant negotiating the dragon down the escalator. Actually
these were taken after the photo shoot in his temporary
photography studio before the show opened.

As I mentioned in the last post, the dragon attracted considerable
attention at the American Craft Council Baltimore show. It is not
often you get to step over a dragon's tail in a booth. People were
very careful. Finally it was time to get the dragon "home". My
husband joined me at the end of the show to help with delivery
and documentation so we have numerous installation photos.
Here are a few, first as you enter the room, then a full view.

And finally a view of the dragon from the loft office area at
the top of the spiral staircase. I had arranged 5 wire loops at
14 inch intervals (the space between the balustrades of the
staircase). For the initial installation we used plastic
electronic ties through the loops and extra green cord to hold
it in place until the customer could replace the cord with better
wire through the loops and up around the base of the railing.
We were pleased how easily and comfortably it attached. The
rider's location turned out perfectly.

The customers and we agreed that the size of the dragon and our
collective vision of the project worked beautifully for this
specific location.

After attaching the dragon to the staircase, the customers shared
photos they had taken in Vietnam, Thailand and China when they
acquired the textiles they had given me to use. It was a real
treat to see the textiles being passed from the individuals who
had woven the pieces to my customers hands...and then see them
on the dragon's belly and rider.They also shared a dictionary of
the dongba pictographic script used by priests of the Naxi people
in Southern China - the only remaining pictographic script used
today, which they had picked up in their travels. Here is a
photo of the cover, and a page with the glyph for dragon!

We left, happy that the dragon was flying in such a beautiful
art-filled home where adventure and learning are so prized.
Speaking of inspiration - my next post will be talking about
some of the amazing artists who were at the ACC Baltimore show.
It is both humbling and energizing to be surrounded by so much
creativity. Until then...journey on! Wendy


  1. absolutely fantastic! plus at least 8 more adjectives! Linda E

  2. he turned out beautiful, but so incredibly big...

  3. It's so amazing to see this piece and how large it is compared to the petite artist who created it. What a wonderful journey this whole process has been. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wendy, congratulations on the successful completion and delivery of this awesome dragon. He looks wonderful in his new home. Thanks for sharing his (and your) journey.

    Thanks too for stopping by my booth at Paradise City last month. It's always good to see a familiar face.