Thursday, September 23, 2010

Outdoor sculpture at Maudslay State Park

I love it when artists get together to have fun, push themselves
and share it with the public.Such is the outdoor sculpture exhibit
at Maudslay Sate Park in Newburyport, MA. This is its 12th year
coordinated by Bert Snow. This year 34 artists have joined the
effort, some professional,some just trying something new. My
friend, Martha Bergeron, had thought about joining for years,
but this year "went for it". I had the treat of spending my
birthday afternoon at the State Park enjoying Martha's ,
everyone else's, and the beautiful surroundings. The theme
this year was "Trace". That is Martha's horse sculpture above
title "Peace/Power".It's made from saplings, mostly collected
from those trimmed in the State Park itself.

Martha writes: "How can we trace the influence of a moment that
turns our path? I saw horses for the first time as a toddler,
amazed at how big and strong they are, yet so gentle and graceful.
I trace my life-long obsession with drawing horses back to that
moment of awe...There's more than just a trace left of the child I
in the adult I have become."
The exhibit is up for just two weeks..closing this Saturday,
October 2. But it will live on in the website:
Here are images of some of my other favorite piece.
First "Leave a Trace" by Bettina Turner. That is an apple
tree decorated with chalk spray:

Next John Ashsworth's "Stix" - Really this one needs to
be experienced...walk in and among the sticks..He explains
he is playing on the idea of "Pick up Sticks"..The sticks
are 16 ft. long!

And - have you ever thought about zipping up a field:
Joe Fix calls his work "Intermesh". "inspired by the
complex yet elegant mechanisms that have evolved in the
natural world. The components of nature fit together
more harmoniously than the best engineered machine."

A number of the exhibits were need videos
to appreciate like Bert Snow's Ghostnado which called
to adults and kids alike to pull on to see the birch
branches wiggle and wave...or Joyce Audy Zarins
beautiful "Kalmia" a dead Mountain laurel..which
rotated as the wind swept by. Others were musical...
encouraging playing or listening as Craig Colarusso's
solar powered sound installation.

Definitely a treat all around...Started me thinking
about the possibility of creating sculptures which
could survive least for a while. Dragons
in trees perhaps?

Next weekend is the annual Roxbury Open
Wednesday next week, I'll post a few teasers of what
you can see if you drop by...including a 3-headed

Journey on! Wendy

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