Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Roxbury Open Studios Oct. 2-3

This weekend on Saturday and Sunday from 11-6, local
artists are opening their studios to the public and/or
gathering in central locations to display their work.
We celebrate the exuberant artist filled community in
which we live. Complete info for Roxbury Open
Studios is available at:
I set up in my home studio and invite everyone in,
displaying my art and letting folks see the studio
from which my creatures and other work emerge.

As promised in my last post, here are a few
images of items I just finished for Open Studios.
First some ceramic masks:

These one-of-a-kind masks are 3 1/2 inches across,
a comfortable size to fit in my hand as I create them.
They are sculpted from low fire white clay, fired, then
finished with various paint layers and beading. They hang
on the wall via a leather wrapped wire attached to the clay.
I have a fondness for avians, but sometimes bears,wolves,
monkeys and other creatures emerge from the clay.

I acquire feathers from various sources, but lately have
been using feathers from two parrots named Harley and
Cyrano.Their owner generously shares their feathers.

This slightly larger beaded bear mask is 5" across:

Since networking is so important these days, I will
have a good supply of my double pocket leather card
holders(also useful for those times you don't really want
a purseor wallet - just a card or two and a little cash.)

And of course that 3-headed creature I mentioned in last
week's blog post. It's 16 inches tall. some new species
definitely showing up this Fall! Here he/she/they are/is:

Perhaps the folks who drop by will help me discover
the story behind this figure. I have some ideas, but
it's always fun to hear the thoughts of others. I'm also
working on a new figure with an eye in its belly.It will be
finished for the Paradise City Arts Festival Columbus Day
weekend in Northampton!(Image in next week's post.)

Naturally the above will be accompanied by a good mix
of Star Wandering folk, Caretakers, Stump Critters
and assuming I can get Snarval,the dragon, to come
down from the redwoods, he will be here too along with
some dragon books to keep him company.

Anyone in the area, please stop by. Hot cider,
homemade cookies and good conversation await!

Journey on over! Wendy


  1. i love the ceramics! especially the bear!

  2. As usual, the visit to your home and studio as part of ROS was wonderful. Thanks for opening your world to us.