Friday, October 22, 2010

Myth in Metal at Paradise City Arts Festival: Robert Alan Hyde and Mark Groaning

As promised last week, more mythic work from the
Paradise City Arts Festival, only this time in metal.
First,Robert Alan Hyde :
Robert is on the right in the photo above. This was the
first time I met Robert and saw his truly astounding
work. Arlo Guthrie has referred to Robert as a "living
master". I was drawn to his sculptures such as this

and to his mythic masks:

Here is a quote from Robert's website:
"With torch, steel, copper and brass, Robert sketches a
unique vision- blurring the boundaries between reality
and fantasy.His forms, founded in his acute observations
of humans, animals and nature, are shaped with masterful
skill— enlivened with enchantment and imagination."
Definitely check out his website to see the amazing range of
his work and vision. And if you can, see him and his work
in person at the November Paradise City Arts Festival show
in Marlboro:
Robert won "best of show" for his sculpture in the
sculpture garden in Northampton.

Another metal sculptor at the show with imagination
and vision was Mark Groaning:

A visit to Mark's website:
will show you all the materials he uses as both a painter
and a sculptor....expressing himself "as the Universe
moves me to do so." There is a cool video on
his website demonstrating the range and fun.
I, of course, focused on his dragons climbing and
soaring in Northampton:

Mark will be also be exhibiting in the November
Paradise City Arts Festival show in Marlboro.

Inspired by all the amazing individuals and art in
Northampton, time to get back to my work - a new
dragon and evolving new species. My next exhibit:
The American Craft Show NYC Nov. 19-21:

Journey on! Wendy


  1. very exciting! thank you for sharing their always wander across the most interesting people!

  2. Lovely art. I would love to come out to Paradise City in November. Perhaps I could bum a ride and help you?

  3. Unfortunately I'll be heading to a show in NYC that weekend that Paradise City will be in Marlboro...Thanks for offer, it would have been fun!