Friday, October 15, 2010

Mythic creatures at Paradise City Arts Festival - Lisa Hey and Jillian Barber

It was gorgeous weather last weekend in Northampton for the
Paradise City Arts Festival. Crowds and sales were up from
last year, so the atmosphere was positive and energetic.

Snarval, the dragon was there...looking for other
mythic friends. We definitely found some!

Lisa Hey, who was exhibiting for the first time at the
Paradise City Arts Festival, had a booth not far from
mine. It was filled with mythical felt sculptures.

Lisa's magical one-of-a-kind sculptures are created
completely through the time consuming process of needle
felting, using the sturdy built up felt as the armatures.
Her blending of story, mystery and vibrant color is a wonder.

I loved the rabbits with antlers! They reminded me of some
of the characters in the tales my Dad used to tell!
To learn more about Lisa, her process and work, go to her
Etsy shop at: Or better yet, go
see her in person at the next Paradise City Arts Festival show in
Marlboro, MA in November. Info
She told me about a wall piece she was working on for
that show which sounded astounding!

Shows are also about connecting with old friends.
Jillian Barber, and I used to show at the
same fairs years ago, but our paths hadn't crossed lately. Jillian
is both an award winning photographer and ceramic sculptor.
Fortunately we were able to reconnect last weekend. Jillian's
booth was filled with wonderful ceramic mythic creatures as well
as masks and other sculptures.

Her ceramic sculptures are intricately carved often
with textures of antique lace and shells, then painted
with under glazes and fired multiple times. I especially
loved these two creatures:

But it wasn't just women bringing along the myth
at this week's post will lift up two male
artists who added to the magic with their metal

Journey on!

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