Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Craft Boston...dragons, stories and eyes oh my!

 A quick post as I get ready to set up for CraftBoston this weekend:

I've been busy since ACC Baltimore.  The storyteller above is
honoring the year of the Dragon , sporting a cape which came
from the land of dragons. The bright hand woven fabric was
gifted me by friends who enjoy traveling in the Far East. 
I'm still working on a name for the new figure. It comes with
three masks and lots of story shards in the leather trunk. Here
is tale teller donning the dragon mask. with a mini dragon
book looking on.  Name suggestions anyone?

I've also been refining my "eye" designs for e-readers,I-pads,
and smart phones.

I still have envelope type pouches, but have additionally
designed covers for I-pads and e-readers which are more
book-like than pouches.  E-reader covers come in two sizes
 to be able to accommodate the range of readers out there.

Re phones: To help solve the problem when you want
to bring along your phone, but your pants don't have
pockets,  I've made some small leather pouches with straps,\
the perfect size to slip any smart phone in or out.
(Of course they also would be good for other "eye-catching"

For those who prefer a little color, I've incorporated
the bright colored eyes from Kelly Kotulak and added
a bit of paint!

If you're in the Boston area, please drop by over at the
Seaport World Trade center this weekend. I'll be in
 booth #347 - Hours:
Friday 10-6, Sat. 10-6 and Sunday 11-5

Attending Craft Boston is always  inspiring. I'll
see whom I can find there to share in a future blog.
In an effort to try something new, Sunday has been
designated steampunk day.   Anyone who shows up
wearing a steampunk outfit will get $5.00 off admission!

Adventure on...and over!  Wendy


  1. wendy, your work, your stories, your life are all such an inspiration!
    Linda Esterley

  2. Wendy, How about making a cellphone pouch with a snap that can be fastened around a belt loop or even an adjustable wrist pouch?
    One of the things I appreciated about seeing your booth at Craft Boston, was the uniqueness or your work. There are so many beautiful jewelry, scarf, and jacket artists that it was nice to see something different. I also liked the wooden spoon maker for this reason. The clothing and jewelry became a blur. I'm too poor to pay attention so I didn't buy anything. Next year, hopefully, I will be able to purchase something beautiful and unique. Thanks for sharing.