Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fun, form, and inspiration at ACC Baltimore - Evan Chambers, Bernard Katz and David Bacharach

The ACC show in Baltimore was as spectacular as usual.  Sales and
attendance seemed to reflect a bit more optimism and improvement
in the economy...nice for all of us.  Some of my major pieces found
their new homes - Wudaineon the dragon is off to Houston Texas
along with Spike the Pupbeast and my avian couple,  Beadle and
Esatair are on their way to Florida...good homes for all.

But, as I have said before, it isn't just sales that inspire me to do
these shows.  It's being surrounded by amazing artistic energy
and discovering new (to me at least) artists. The desk lamp
pictured above is by Evan Chambers
one of the "new" glass artists  at Baltimore this year.   I sure
would LOVE to have one his lamps on my desk!!! Little aliens
with hawk feet...what more could I ask!  Here are a
few more that were in his booth..but check out his website
to see all his awesome creatures as well as his beautiful more
classic vessels.

What amazes at a show like ACC Baltimore is the incredible
variety of excellent work even in the same media.The booth
mine faced this year was  also glass, but with a very different
focus. I had the treat of savoring the gorgeous sculptural forms
of Bernard Katz: and the pleasure of
getting to know him and his family better and to brainstorm on
electronics his side passion:

Bernards forms flow and interact  beautifully. It is easy to picture
them in an elegant settings - both in homes and in more public spaces.

The thing I'm always looking out for is craftspeople I know well
who are  pushing the limits, experimenting  and surprising me. David
Bacharach did that for me this year:
I've known David for many, many years, but always love to check out
his booth. How could I resist a booth with such an avian focus:

David said he'd had the birds before, but they never have taken over
the booth as they did this year.

I enjoy the interstitial dance David's woven metal wall tapestries
and sculptural basketry provide.  He is one of those long time
exhibitors unafraid to surprise and change inspiring me  to venture
on boldly!

My eye items were very well received. Thanks to feedback
I've come up with additional designs which I will offer at
shows at Craft Boston
and CraftNewYork:
in March.  Stay tuned!

Adventure on!   Wendy


  1. Hi,
    You are so generous to share your life on the road and the work of other amazing artists. I know Paradise City is coming up. Best of luckw ith that. I don't have access to a car to go out to it - which is probably just as well as I'd be salivating about art I can't afford.

  2. Thanks Candelaria...I wish everyone the best at the Paradise City show. I won't be there. I'll be at CraftBoston March 23-25 instead...closer...see you there?? Mailing going out today or tomorrow!