Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sculptor gathering in New Hampshire

Last Sunday sculptors, other artists, and art enthusiasts gathered at the
Millbrook Gallery in Concord, NH.  Donna Dodson  Andy Moerlein,
and Pam Tarbell  invited us to  gather, network and enjoy Pam's
beautiful gallery and sculpture garden. I hadn't expected prehistoric
creature decoys to await us including the Entelodont  by Bob
Shannahan pictured above.

Perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised.  After all, as I pulled
into the drive, I passed by this sculpture by Andy Moerlein
made of steel conduit, saplings and hand made stones. Andy
calls it"Suspense".  To me, it looks like a nest about to hatch
some fantastic creatures.

This wooly mammoth "decoy" by Bob stands at the entrance to the
gallery enticing any prehistoric creatures still lukring around to come
on by

Around back, Bob's giant ancient camel prances near the
I enjoyed talking with Bob and hearing  how he constructs these
marvelous creatures. 
Bob explained that it takes about a year for each, figuring out scale,
making mock ups,creating the wire armature, collecting fresh birch
sapling branches and other natural materials and finally finishing
construction. Stones make the awesome jagged teeth and claws.  He
points out that the  toes of the mammoth are made from boulders
created when mammoths were wandering the nearby forest.  (Yes
 there is evidence they were around even in New England. )

The Entelodont  tries to be fearsome, but I'm not fooled.  I think he is
actually pretty friendly.

It was a beautiful afternoon in a gorgeous setting filled with good
conversation.The grounds are an ideal setting for outdoor sculpture.

Lin Lisberger's "Tall" is appropriately situated by the stream that
runs through.
 and Liz Fletcher's "Prayer of Rana" adds a meditative touch:

Anyone  going near Concord this summer, fall or anytime
of year, I highly recommend stopping by Millbrook Gallery and
sculpture garden. You won't be disappointed.

Thanks Donna, Andy, and Pam for organizing the gathering.
I returned with inspiration swirling. 

Adventure on! Wendy

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  1. Wow. What fantastic sculptures! The first creature reminded me of the animals in the movie Beasts of the Southern Wild. You really do live an art-filled life. Good for you!