Saturday, August 11, 2012

Star Wanderer posters

In my last post, I wrote about my current exhibit
" What's in a Story?"at the Haley House Bakery Cafe  and promised to show some of
the posters I used in locations where I couldn't  install
sculptures. Here they are. The one above was created
specifically for the exhibit.  Nunoona and Furb, the Star
Wandering companions in the poster are still looking for
their permanent home. Story objects hang from the
embellished saddle blanket and fill the leather trunk.
The duo measures 24" x 24" x 18".
The creatures in the posters below have all found new
homes, where I trust they are stirring up stories.
Hopefully their images can inspire even more.  In the
exhibit, I placed some favorite quotes about stories
underneath the posters.  


That's "Faydor, the story hatcher" above holding a
story egg, with story emerging.   At the exhibit
it was posted with the quote: "Inside every seed
there is a story, Inside every story a seed of truth."
(my phrase - or at least I don't think I saw it
and copied it.) Every story trunk that accompanies
one of my storytellers contains a water hyacinth seed
chosen for  sculptural beauty and for my phrase.
I realize water hyacinths are an invasive species
but honor nature's intriguing sculpture. Of course
inside every egg, there is definitely a story.
 Under Beadle, the Curious, I posted:
“Facts bring us to knowledge, but stories lead to wisdom”
                                                     Rachel Naomi Remen

And under the poster of Tadaah!, I put:
"Stories are the Language of Community" - Dean Ornish

I have some extra copies of the posters available...including
a few additional designs.

Now on to trying to do some more serious editing of
"Sophia's Quest" and continuing to contemplate what is
or can be, in a story.

Adventure on!    Wendy


  1. don't tell the others, but Faydor has always been my favorite!
    sending love...Linda Esterley

  2. We'll keep it a secret, can't have any sibling rivalry. Great hearing from you....Hope you're having a fantastic and creatively energetic summer.