Sunday, November 17, 2013

Movement ,form and dance - at American Fine Craft and Contemporary Art Show NYC October 2013

This year at the American Fine Craft Show NYC, I was fortunate to
have my booth across from that of Lila Turjanski-Villard.  I had
seen  her work at previous shows and admired it, but never had 
much chance to  talk to her.  As Lila says on her website, she
has always had a passion for art and dance - something I relate
strongly .  It is the amazing movement, grace, and interactions 
in her work which draw me to it.
Lila explain on her website: "The themes of movement, space
and communication are constantly present in my artwork. I
like to explore the suggestions of bodies in communication
in movement and in rhythm with space." 

Dancing shadows enhance the work. 

Marc Jenesel and Karen Pierce: were there
with  "Jewely for the Home in Clay, Fiber,Metal and Stone"
offering more movement and form through their collaboration
of raku pottery(Marc)  and woven sculpture (Karen).  The forms
danced and soared in the booth:

Another exhibitor,Mary O'Malley, talks about dance from a
different  perspective.  On her website she says: " The dance 
that results from trying to  find a balance between what we can
control and what we cannot is where I believe true beauty lies."
Mary was there with her intriguing "Bottom Feeders" series
which seem to tell the tale of  sea creatures taking over the
remnants of an elegant dining experience interrupted by a
devastating shipwreck. 

Fall of 2014, Mary will be off to the Royal Academy
of Art working toward a MA.  I wonder what series
that might provoke?

And finally - while on the subject of movement -
How about painting while flying over a canvas?
That is exactly what Indorato, the flying artist
does...and did in his intriguing weighted flying
apparatus at the show.  His canvases are so large
being able to hover  above them helps..

You can  see a video of Michael  "flying" on the homepage
of his website. Just goes to show, you never know what you'll 
miss by not attending a show.  Unfortunately, lots of folks
missed all this at the Javits this October.  Attendance was low-
so this show will not return to the Javits.   

The Brooklyn Museum  seems a better location -
and that is exactly where I am heading for the
venue and work promises to be extraordinary.
But before that - a popup gallery exhibit with two
other Roxbury artists...we're showing under the
name "Journeys By Hand".at a gallery/work space on
Beacon Hill -bridging neighborhoods through art. Images
of the fun there in my next post. 

Adventure on!   Wendy

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